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Speakers on Panel session

Velibor Ilić, PhD
RT RK - Senior research & development engineer

Velibor Ilić has completed PhD in area of computer science at University of Novi Sad and he is employed as senior research & development engineer at company RT RK automotive. Before that Velibor participated in international research projects at University of Canterbury, New Zealand and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (Brain & Mind Institute). His specialties are artificial intelligence, machine learning and development automotive software (autopilot for selfdriving cars).

Topic of Velibor’s presentation will be:

Semantic segmentation of images using deep convolutional neural networks (pixel level segmentation)

Or in a simple words how develop software that is able to determine the silhouette of objects in the selected image.

Aleksa Ćorović
RT RK - Software engineer

Aleksa Ćorović recently finished his BSc studies at Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad at the department for Computing and Control Engineering. He is also a member of M41+ student robotics team which has won many awards at national and international EUROBOT competitions, the highest one was the second place at the European competition EUROBOT 2017. His interests are machine learning, robotics and development of the automotive software. Professionally, he is involved in developing autopilot automotive software as a software engineer at the RT-RK Automotive.

The topic of Aleksa’s talk will be:

The Usage of the YOLO Algorithm for Traffic Participants Detection

Or simply, how does the state of the art neural networks detect different classes of the objects inside the image while achieving a real-time response.

Your City AI Team in Novi SAD

Jovan Stojanovic
Ambassador of Novi Sad AI
Marko Jocic

Jovana Miletic
Operation Manager
Jovana Vukicevic
Sales manager
Aleksandra Vukicevic
Sales manager